Vegetable Pulao

I could never understand how much time my aunt would spend on making Vegetable Pulao, ensuring each piece was of the same size, blanching and frying each kind of vegetable separately and then bringing it all together to make the final dish. Till the Covid-19 pandemic locked us in our homes. I found myself enjoying… Continue reading Vegetable Pulao

Saag Gosht (Spinach with Mutton)

Spinach with mutton is a combo that few can say no to. Winter is a season when spinach is available in plenty and this is something that tastes delicious as temperatures plunge. Ingredients (Serves 5) Mutton 500 g Spinach 500 g Yoghurt 1 cup Red chilli powder 2 tbsps Salt to taste Turmeric 1 tsp… Continue reading Saag Gosht (Spinach with Mutton)

Ajwain puri (Fried bread with caraway seeds)

A version of the Indian puri or fried bread that has the nutty flavour of caraway seeds. It is easy to make using the recipe given here by adding caraway seeds when making the dough. Ingredients (Serves 5)Wheat flour (atta) 3 cups (400 g)Caraway seeds 3 tspSalt to tasteWater as neededOil for frying Method Follow… Continue reading Ajwain puri (Fried bread with caraway seeds)

Lauki Chana Dal (Bottle gourd with Bengal gram)

I was not a big fan of the bottle gourd or any member of the squash family. Till I got a bumper crop from the garden and the fresh bottle gourd with firm fleshy white meat and no seeds or very tender seeds turned me into a fan. The only dish I would make from… Continue reading Lauki Chana Dal (Bottle gourd with Bengal gram)

Ada, health meets taste

This is comfort food, especially in winter. The aroma of the pancake cooking on a hot griddle will set your taste buds working overtime. This is a healthy option for breakfast, packed with proteins from all the variety of lentils that go into the batter. Ingredients (Serves 6 persons) Idli rice 1/4 cupUrad dal 1/4… Continue reading Ada, health meets taste