Ethapazham Pachadi (Kerala Plantain Curry)

If there is one variety of banana that I absolutely love, it is the Ethapazham or Nendrapazham, or plantain. It is great as a fruit, in curries and in desserts. This particular curry, Ethapazham Pachadi, is easy to make and is a fine balance of sweet and spicy. Ingredients Ethapazham or plantain 2, peeled and… Continue reading Ethapazham Pachadi (Kerala Plantain Curry)

Pav Bhaji ( Dinner rolls with vegetable medley)

The fresh light as air buns go very well with a mixed vegetable curry that is slow cooked and mashed. A street food from the western part of India, this dish is great for any meal— breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is a lovely snack as well. Ingredients For the pav (buns): Milk 1 1/4… Continue reading Pav Bhaji ( Dinner rolls with vegetable medley)