Food is Money

Food is Money

Reads & Eats, an online publication on food is looking for articles and will pay $100 for an article of 1,250 words.

This is what the founder Yi Shun Lai has to say on submitting to Reads & Eats.

In July,  I started a new publication called Reads & Eats. (View it here.) Each month, I pen an essay about an American food I’m obsessed with, from club sandwiches to Long John Silver’s crumbly bits and everything in between. I also feature an emerging writer. It’s my way of sharing my platform as a published writer and professional editor.

Here’s what you need to know to submit to Reads & Eats. 

You must be:

  • An emerging writer with fewer than five paid publications. None of these publications should be a book.
  • Marginalized (I do not ask for proof or anything like that.)

Your submission must be:

  • A work of either fiction or nonfiction prose
  • 1250 words or fewer
  • Pasted into the body of your email
  • About food in some way
  • E-mailed to

I accept 25 submissions per month. If I have reached this cap, you will get an autoreply. Please wait until the 8th of the following month to submit again.

Writers get paid $100, and I buy first Internet and Online Rights for two months. After that, all rights revert to you. Please reference Reads & Eats in future publications. You also get a free yearlong submission to Reads & Eats.

Food is Money

Food is Money

I know there are many food lovers out there who also like to write. Whenever I find any opportunities that are related to writing about food and drink, I will post it here.

This week, YesMore Drinks Marketing Agency is looking for a Content Writer. Here is what they are seeking according to their own description:

We’re looking for a passionate and knowledgeable candidate who can write with flair on the marketing landscape today’s alcohol brands must navigate.

We’re looking for monthly blog posts as well as ghost-written pieces for PR on the challenges brands are facing and the constant changes we’re seeing in the industry. Anything from the effects of the pandemic on the UK’s pub and restaurants to younger demographics who (according to some news sources) are drinking less and less.

We hope to work with a candidate who can develop a unique tone of voice for the agency and who has an interesting opinion and angle to take on stories and changes in the market. We have an extensive list of topics to cover but would love to have ideas pitched to us on concepts you would like to be writing about also. 

All planned articles (these are articles we already know we’d like written) will have a setlist of keywords to be placed within the article as well as a list of interlinks within the company sites. So being able to incorporate these in a seamless fashion will be required. Posts will need pairing with a small amount of stock photography and formatted to go live within the companies WordPress blogs. So knowledge and experience with WordPress and a keen eye for a good image will be key.


• 6 Blog posts per month (750 words per post)
• 2 PR pieces reacting to news per month (length varies)
• At least 2 LinkedIn posts a month

• 32 x hours a month
• £28ph