Maida Pottu (Sweet Dumplings)

Maida Pottu (Sweet Dumplings)

I was introduced to this recipe at our cooking class in middle school. The teacher had us making these delicious fried dumplings to be eaten during recess. I have loved them since then. They are light, tasty and easy to make.


(Serves 4)

All-purpose flour (maida) 2 cups

Baking powder 1/2 tsp

Milk 250 ml

Egg 1 large

Sugar 3/4 cup

Oil for deep frying


Mix the flour, baking powder and sugar.

Break the egg into the mix.

Add the milk and make a smooth batter.

Heat the oil in a wok and drop a little bit of the batter in. It should form a ball and rise to the top.

Drop the batter into the hot oil, a ladleful at a time and fry till they turn golden brown on either side.

Serve as a snack.

Pie Pastry Crust

Pie Pastry Crust

It might sound difficult, but making the crust for a pie is quite simple. You have just got to be careful that everything is really chilled. I even keep the flour in the freezer. Use chilled butter and iced water with ice cubes.


All-purpose flour or maida 2 cups
Butter 230 g
Water 1/2 cup
Sugar 2 tbsps


Mix the flour and sugar and cut the butter into the mixture till it resembles bread crumbs.

Add the cold water a tablespoon at a time and make into a dough. Do not overwork the dough.

Wrap the dough in cling film and refrigerate for two hours.

Divide the dough into halves. Roll out one half to line the pie dish. Roll out the other half and use it as the top crust.

Use the crust for sweet or savoury pies. For the savoury pies, leave out the sugar.