Baked Chicken Tenders

Baked Chicken Tenders

For years, I bought frozen chicken tenders and loved them. Till I saw Sandi Richard’s Fixing Dinner. She suggested an easy way to make chicken fingers. I tried it as a way to feed my son who was a fussy 8-year-old. And found it was a hit with him and his little friends. Over the years, I have developed my own recipe for chicken tenders that are more suitable for adult tastes. I have also given the bread crumbs a miss for a healthier and succulent version of chicken tenders.


(Serves 4)
Boneless chicken breasts 500 g, cut into 1″ strips
Paprika powder 2 tbsps
Salt to taste
Pepper powder 2 tbsps
Turmeric 1 tsp
Vegetable oil 2 tbsps


Wash the chicken and pat dry with a kitchen towel.

Add all the spices and rub them all over the chicken pieces. Let them rest in the refrigerator for an hour.

Lay the chicken pieces on an oiled baking tray and brush them with oil. Bake in a 230 degree C oven for 20 minutes. Turn the pieces after 10 minutes.

Serve hot with a salad.