News: A sushi dinner that cost $200,000

News: A sushi dinner that cost $200,000

In 2013, when Bitcoin was fledgling currency, a Forbes magazine reporter tried an experiment: live for a week on just Bitcoin. It was hard as few places accepted Bitcoin.

It seems a weight watcher’s dream as she said she lost 5 pounds in the week because she was forced to walk, her only transport being a cycle a friend rent out for half a Bitcoin. Fast forward to today and in the TV hit show Billions, Axe offers his employees bonus in the form of hundreds of thousands of Bitcoin.

Anyway, the reporter ended the week offering to buy fellow Internet enthusiasts a sushi dinner at a restaurant that would accept Bitcoin. She expected 15 persons, but more than 60 turned up. The dinner cost $957 plus tip and she paid 10.354 Bitcoin. Last week, Bitcoin was trading at a high of around $20,000, making that dinner payment around $200,000.

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Read all about the reporter’s story here

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