Singapore Fling

Singapore Fling

I created this fruit punch when my son was about 10. He was complaining that at our dinner parties in Singapore, adults had a plethora of alcoholic drinks to choose from, but children had to make do with just Coke or fruit juice. I made this for our next dinner party for the kids, but adults enjoyed it even more. A friend’s daughter came up with the name Singapore Fling because I literally fling the ingredients together to create this delicious thirst quencher.

Goes well with movie night


Tropicana Orange Juice 2 litres
Lemon cordial 1/2 litre
Tropicana Pineapple Delight Juice 2 litres
Real Fruit Power mixed fruit juice 1 litre
Jimmy’s Cocktails Mango Chilli Mojito 1/2 litre
Tropicana Mango Delight Juice 1 litre
Roohafza or mixed fruit syrup 1 cup
Sprite 750 ml
Sparkling water 1 litre
Ice cubes
Mint leaves


Mix all the ingredients in a punch bowl. Serve in cups with a sprig of mint each.

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